The Legend of Salty Jim

by Skull Branded Pirates

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The first album from Skull Branded Pirates


released February 20, 2010

Recorded @ Endless Studios, Birmingham, UK
Engineered by Jez Clarke & David Preston
Art & Design by Amy Cocks & David Preston

All music by Skull Branded Pirates
Guest vokills on Hempen Jig by Dan Durrant (Conquest Of Steel)



all rights reserved


Skull Branded Pirates Leeds, UK

Avast Meharties!

SKULL BRANDED PIRATES are the legendary marauders of 'evy Metal, hailing for the quaint seaside town ship of Leeds UK.

Ploughing the ocean waves since 2007 and laying a unique blend of true British Metal with a smidgen of modern powery/thrashy blasts, all mixed together with a twist of lime, so as to avoid scurvy.

So come join the crew, and DRINK TILL DAWN
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Track Name: Sail To War
dumdum, dadadum dadiddely dumdum, dadadum dadiddely dumdum, dadadum dadiddely BAHBAHBAH BAH
Track Name: Cross-Skull Branded Thieves
I’ve sailed the seven seas
With cross skull branded thieves
Across the oceans we shall march
With treasures vast and oceans dark
A fire storm shall rain with me
Plunder, pillage, burn and rape
We fight to kill, we fight with rage
Out on the waters many died
My will prevailed and I survived the fight

I Did Not Die
Out in the night
With the wind in your sails
Ready To Die
Out in the night

We fear no god or king
Or the wrath the devil brings
For sodomy and killing sprees
Adventures in debauchery

The tide retreats in fear of me

Plunder, pillage, burn and rape
We fight to kill, we fight with rage
Within my cabin many cried
My will prevailed
They did not survive the night

Sail into the fray,
Storm on the sea,
Battle Rage

We’ve only Hell to pay
To the lords of the sea
Battle Rage
Track Name: Hempen Jig
My Captain’s been caught cavorting with the women in the port
And now he’ll be dancing The hempen jig!

I don’t want to die!
I shall repent I’ll do the time
I give my word to God...
He’ll chuck it back
Your word means nothing!

Can you see the woven cord of justice?
Swinging from the yard arm
In front of all to see
A brave man here
stands before the crowd
And pelted with rotten fruit
Not popular is he

And before I know the noose is thrown
Around my tender neck
And it bites down hard upon the shard
Of life I still have left
I am dancing the Hempen Jig!
And I’ll testify, repent my crimes
Relinquish from my sins
And I have a last request
That’s please save me!

The Governor strolls out from the docks
Across the crowd the crew I spot
Clutching sword and dagger
‘neath their veils
I dangle from the rope and knot
I will not die I will not rot!
A darkened sense of wonder
fills my sails

An arrow strikes the cord
I lay crumpled on the shore
A rogue wave drags me out to sea
The ocean calls, is this the end?
Is this my destiny?

I get pulled into the depths
And all around the sirens bound
About the sunken wrecks
And I lay to rest my burning neck
Upon the sea floor bed
And I have a last request
That's please save me.

There’s an ancient sailor myth
If when the mast the shit doth hit
And an ancient pact is made

Hats off to Davy Jones
The demon keeper
of the drowning souls
That he’s never setting free
I'd rather sleep beneath the waves
let let
Rest. In. Peace.
Track Name: folk metal, Power Metal, - Far Beyond Forever
We ’re gathered here about the old
Stone hearth of fire
The flame burns cold
And around the voices raise in shout
For wood to burn and heat rise out

A cask of ale and an open drum
Will keep me dancing all night long
A dash of brandy here and there
The cooks out cold so he don’t even care

So Go!

The air around you turns a smoky hue
The smell of beer, death and mould
I’ts a part of you
We’ve spent a fortnight from the town
And now the open cask it leaks we have to
Drink it down

And all through the night
I believe in dreams
Of the suffering I’ve caused
I will not be redeemed
There’s one place I’ll go
That’s down to the deep, into the keep
Into the realm of demons far below

The stormy seas of madness takes a hold of me
I feel it clenching tight onto my sanity
I want it all, so far I’ve been denied
I can feel it getting closer
The edge to which, I’m slowly gonna fall

Hail to the gods of the world
And we will live forever
A serpent rises to only fall
Back down to Earth
Into his wicked ways

And did I repent from my sins?
Did I hell!
A man cannot have a moral conscience
And expect to do the things that I do
And as for the dreams? Ha!
Track Name: The Stormed and Cursed Seas
Forever I’ve always known
That fighting follows wherever I go
Waiting for attack
Prepare to be boarded
Prepare to be stabbed in the back

Land ahoy off the port bow
Bring the ship inland
Plunder all these villages
And burn them bastards to the ground

There’s only one way to die
Go down with your ship no forsaken pride
Have high adventures on the sea
And now you have one chance to prove
You’re a man of the sea
And a man of the crew

Over sea and under sail
I raise my pirate flag and sail away
To the Stormed and Cursed Seas

The northern winds are blowing strong
And break the ship's defence
While the ancient souls of pirates lost
Are rising from the depths

The storm is approaching us
The waves bound off the hull
Thunder, lightning, wind and rain
The storm has finally come

All hell breaks loose upon the deck
The masts crash down in flames
We repel the threat with one arm tied
While the other arm slays the slain

There’s only one way to die
Go down with your ship no forsaken pride
Have high adventures on the sea
And now you have one chance to prove
You’re a man of the sea
And a man of the crew

Have High Adventures On The Seas
Track Name: The Legend Of Salty Jim - The Lobster King
I was on the beach one day
Searching ‘mongst the rocks
When I came across a pool so deep
In which a ship could dock

Then all around me came a host of bubbles
And out the darkness then there came the
Flailing of Crustacean Limbs


Was just a lobster that had grown to be man sized
But the fury of his pincers was enough to
shake the heavens from the sky

For hours we did battle
Upon the seaweed, rocks and sand
My cutlass nare it left a scratch
Upon his armour gleaming grand

Then by the starlight I did bend him to my will
And we became the best of friends
A friendship forged from mutual respect

I strapped a harness to his back
And cannons to his face
Salty Jim the Lobster King
Was put into his place
I rode him into town
And let the cannons blow
This armoured juggernaut rained down his
judgement on the villagers below

This tale is not yet over
Salty Jim was not yet done
His fury and ferocity
Left unending destruction

And with the tide he did
return into the sea,
And its there he lays
in wait for us,

We just have to
call his name


SALTY JIM!!!!!!!
Track Name: Blackbeard's Last Stand
November 21 1718
A bounty was placed on the man known as Teach
The bounty was taken but what tale would this be
If I did'nee tell ye how all this came to be

The vanguard company,
Battle bloodied allies
Nobody on the deck
so carry on forth to the Captain's side
The end of an era entwined by his fate
No remorse will be shown
on this knife edge divide

Maynard and Hyde were the enlisted commanders
By Govenor Spotswood of Virginia, Alexander
They captained the ships, The Ranger and Jane
But no cannons were fitted much to their disdain

The Captains arrived in the evening
On the morrow they would strike
Advantage was found as Blackbeard he was drowned
In his liquid spoils of delight

Opposing forces, they played an unfair game
No honour, pride or sacrifice
With nothing left to gain
I unsheath my sword as my pistol takes aim

Sail away, flee they mocked them
Sail away, flee or prepare to die
Sail away, flee they mocked them
We'll take no prisoners
As no prisoners have ever survived
Track Name: Sea Doggin'
Cast the sails to the winds
Oh men of the sea
I’ll guide you through storm
All ye hail me the true pirate king


And I’ll always be true
To the cause of the corsairs
And the strength
Of this ship's mighty crew


The Barbary coast holds
A whole lotta riches
We’ll take and we’ll squander
We’ll burn all our bridges
But lets not be hasty
in our moment of greed
For we cannot be stopped
For we all,
We are men of the sea

There’s a tale to be told
Of all those who are bold
And will fight till their lifeblood
Is clotted and cold

The ones who are cowards
And the ones who would flee
You have broken your promise to me
And the gods of the sea!

The stars they are rising
To give battle and chase
By the light of the moon,
We will hunt down the frigates with haste
And their gold shall be ours
As well as their lives in recompense
For our time behind bars
Now the winds they have given
A blessing of speed in the
Straight of Magellan
To the gods of the sea
Davey Jones and Poseidon, St Elmo
All the sea gods of Greece!
Track Name: Inside The Inn
We sail at dawn so enjoy this night
Of women, beer and drunken fights
The night is young so drink away
Laugh and dance and sing
Of former days

There's not one thing I can't remember
Of the times we’ve sailed across the seas
And it's by these age old tradewinds
That we plundered in this age of piracy
So come on in and come on all
Get the beers in spend the gold
Find yourselves a table
For you all know what to say

Bring a beer to me wench
And before I think my
hands are firmly clenched
Around her body
I drink her down
I drink her down

I see the glint of silver from the cutpurse
As he tries to steal me groats
So I plunge my fist into his face
And draw my knife across his throat
His body crumples to the ground
The bar erupts, the walls crash down
My sword is drawn and ready
For the night has just begun

And with a crack and a slash
My sword held them back
As it cut through their faces with ease
And with broadaxe and sword
The crew took on the horde
Of blackguards, rapscallions and thieves
The Inn turned ablaze
and left charred remains
Of those that could not flee the fire
So we fled from the scene
With the highest esteem
For we knew that our bounties grew higher

Drink, Drink it down
Make your Captain proud
and sing...