An Oath Sworn On Broken Bones

by Skull Branded Pirates

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Skull Branded Pirates second full album, with 9 tracks of cathartic piratical 'Evy Metal!


released October 6, 2012

Music: Skull Branded Pirates
Lyrics: Graham Wilson, David Preston
Art: Amy Cocks
Recorded & Produced: David Preston
Mastering: Jonathan Teanby



all rights reserved


Skull Branded Pirates Leeds, UK

Avast Meharties!

SKULL BRANDED PIRATES are the legendary marauders of 'evy Metal, hailing for the quaint seaside town ship of Leeds UK.

Ploughing the ocean waves since 2007 and laying a unique blend of true British Metal with a smidgen of modern powery/thrashy blasts, all mixed together with a twist of lime, so as to avoid scurvy.

So come join the crew, and DRINK TILL DAWN
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Track Name: Man The Cannons
The bounty retrievers are coming
With a treaty coalition of sixteen ships
The time it has come, my task is set
To discipline the crew with a crack of the whip
The cannons are ready, the hatches are raised
And as dusk now approaches the storm brings the rain
It’s lashing in sheets, but the ship’s lantern glows
Through the heart of the storm let that iron titan blow

Powder keg and monkey, see to it that nothing stops the lead
A broadside lash of chain shot takes the mizzenmast and severs heads
I unleash a battle cry
And I unleash the fury kept inside

The tide of battle turns
In unison the fuses burn
No quarter will be given
Man the cannons

Four of the vessels are sinking
And the bodies in the water number fourscore dead.
And three of the men are smashed in sacks
Of broken bones and fractured heads
Brains splatter the deck and a crimson rain doth fall
United we will stand as one
United we will heed the call

The tide of battle turns
In unison the fuses burn
No quarter will be given
Man the cannons
And as the captains call retreat
We set the charges, blow the fleet
To Neptune they were given, man the cannons!
Track Name: Masters Of The Trade

As I open the door from the cabin to the deck, a hard rain doth greet me
And to grip the rail under encircling clouds, a fine day this be for looting
It was hinted the merchant vessel Cadence would be taking a less traversed route through the southern isles
and as we have had nothing for the last eight days, a challenge will keep the men happy
but no-one ever fights, for we are just too damn notorious

Raise a new standard, for treasure and plunder, this nameless marauder, masters of the trade
A phantom chimera, our victims draw nearer, for power or oblivion, this false flag hides our fame
Draw closer, league by league, a sodden wreak , battle fatigued
A friendly ship to draw aside, they are committing suicide

Aye am the son of the oceans, Aye am the son of the sea
Aye am the son of the tide, son of the waves, son the breeze
Aye have a thirst for the battle, Aye need the blood to be shed
Aye have a lust for the fighting, sword in my hand, fight to the death

A life laid open to fame and to fortune (I'd never regret it)
Each venture notorious my bounty was raised (I'd never forget it)
All the oceans do flee and do scatter before me (I'd never expect it)
Now we stand alone, untested unchallenged
We seek a release, an eruption, a vent for our rage

Infernal maelstrom, let the blood run forth, salute and raise the red
To this life so odious, we’re resigned. Prepare for death!

Raise a new standard, for treasure and plunder, this nameless marauder, masters of the trade
Each vessel we do find, we run out the long nines, cacophony of death cries
The masters, siege by siege, are taking lives for piracy
And when the world all rots in hell, they’ll turn the cutlass on themselves

And lo, the mighty blackguards spewed forth upon the helpless ship
And no man was spared the wrath of these clandestine villains
But the vessel was spared, and would sail forth under a new false flag of friendship
And from this day forth, no-one would know, that the Cadence would hide, ‘neath its tattered bow
The murderous
Skull Branded Pirates!
Track Name: The Ballad Of One-Tooth McGuyver
You’ll be hunted to the end of the earth by a lady of noble descent
There will be no pleading as she stops you believing
in good old mother hope, now your sanity is shed.
They call her promiscuous, I call her a vicious bitch
With a gun and a blade
She’ll rip out your guts, with insatiable lust
Like a great succubus
That puts Harborous Sally to shame.

And the liver fell out. He was hit by a broadside,
That shattered his jaw
Nothing mattered any more.
He wished that his shame he could hide
With his nuptials denied
And his coin purse cut open, his heart cast aside

It’s One-Tooth McGuyver
She’ll take on the crew, for only a fiver
But don’t turn your back, there’s fire inside her

The attacks did not stop, they only intensified
To the point of hysteria
McGuyver was named
As the woman that gave you that cheese wire grin
Again, and again and again and again

And the tongue it fell out. He was hit by a blindside
that dislodged his eye
'twas a matter of time
Till she ended his life with a thrust of a knife
To the gut of the bastard that stole what was rightfully hers
Her title, her deeds
A bequest from her father, a secret marauder, a man of the sea
A pirate who taught her the tools of the trade
And with this all her enemies were slain

I adore her, One-Tooth McGuyver
A woman of guile. I will stand beside her
But don’t let your heart think that her faith is desire

She moves closer through the dockside
With that glint within her eye
Try your luck or trust your gut, it’s carnal lust or time to die

You’ll be hunted to the end of the earth by a lady of noble descent
She’ll rip out your guts, with insatiable lust
Like a great succubus
And leave you to bleed out your anguished last breath

And your heart will break down as you lust for your war bride
She’ll shatter your soul, as her cutlass strikes bone
You’ll wish that your shame you could hide
With your heart rent asunder, traded for plunder, her brutal revenge
Yes revenge, that’s all she has now, and still every man wants her!
Every man will risk!
Every man will die!
Track Name: Skull Branded Pirates, Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew - Straight Outta Kingston (Doin' It for the Booty)
(One-Ayed Wilson)
Straight Outta Kingston, Where I’ll be bustin' four rides
With my bros from the coast let's give a toast to the maritime
When I shout, you kneel, With my boot and heel on your back
No slack, or I’ll be pumping cold steel. All night
When I’ll be slapping my balls against the pride of the town who moans like a whore
She’ll be spitting me grit, but I’m an honourable fella
So I tell her nothings better than a suck of my fella to quell a gentlemen of fortune

I’ll sing you war tunes
Belligerence, Intelligence, they are my fortitudes
Crack that whip and sink that shot
You know what I want and I’ll take what ye got
When I’m out in the water, staring into the port
And I hear the sound of the crow's nest report
“There be booty ahead, go check the ballast on that”
So we rang out the bells and tipped our tri-corner hats
I will never be bettered nor will I ever be killed
By a man of your standing who's boots are not filled
You’re a joke and disgrace with no rapier wit
Unlike me, who you’ll see will not take that shit

You’ll take your orders from me, or face St Elmo’s Fire
The pirate brethren are we!
We fight, we steal, piracy for shore
...and always doin' it
Doin' it for the Booty!

(Davey Blast Bastard)
Cast off! Set sail for war
And let Bastardo bring the battle from the sea to the shore
Shout Dread, Scare and the Cabin Kid Fradley
The Captain fills his britches when the cry of mutiny sounds
'cos we be tired of his orders and his chronic cavorting
while we’re grapplin’ and boardin’
Piracy be purely for the pillage.
I’ll take my booty from the land, the port, the ship and the village.
Find the Captain, pay the whore, hammer down the Governor’s door
Fire in the powder store?
‘cos I’m the pride and the pulse of the S.B.P.
Punk ass Navy be afraid of me

(Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew)
Booty's what I got when I captured a whale
It was so big that her britches could have made me sail
'fore I muttered to the others she pulled me ship's under's
Sent me boys a flyin' just before we could gun her
She was worth her weight in blubber, as we said when we won her
So I hit her in the head with me oar ‘till I stunned her
Shot harpoons in her eye, so thick that she cried
Then she ate up my sea men, just like I implied
Even while they were screaming swallowed up still alive
Swallowed to her belly with her immense size
So I pulled out me sword to give her a prize
And jabbed her with haste 'till she couldn't see straight
Then my cannon laid waste, thought I'd give her a taste
And cut off her breath with a shot to the face
What was best about the whale she was more than a tail
She was the governor's daughter, of the province of New Wales

You’ll take your orders from me, or face St Elmo’s Fire
The pirate brethren are we!
We fight, we steal, piracy for shore
...and always doin' it
...always doin' it
Doin' it for the Booty!
Track Name: An Oath Sworn On Broken Bones
I see the front before us, the dread lies over me
This darkened tempest rising, lashing rains and boiling sea.
And here we make our choices, and sail into the storm

The vessel writhes and withers, seven men are cast out to the sea
And so I fall. My body broken, light burns small

As the storm clears the wall, and the shattered bodies fall
We will turn away, trim the sails and set course for the day
Brace the yardarm, tie the ropes. Say a prayer, don’t dare to hope.
Bless the waves and curse the gods, and swear an oath on broken bones

Break the barrel, raise a toast, to our brothers left below
And speed them on their journey, to the final world
To our brethren of the coast, and the lifting of the curse
And lead them on their journey, to this brave new world

The deck explodes and shatters, smashing timbers, rivets, iron and salt
Thunder, flash and static, lightning strikes a fire across the top
Another man goes over, wild white horses baying out for blood
And so I fall, A perfect storm

To the justice to be done, and the victories won

As the storm, clears the wall, and the shattered bodies fall,
We will turn away, trim the sails and set course for the day.
Hang the bird across your heart, life and death moments apart
Broken bones and severed souls, of fellow men you left to rot

Escape is not for you, you ran you cried take what is due
The calls of those you left below, they swore an oath on broken bones
Escape is not for you, you ran you cried take what is due
The calls of those you left below
they swore an oath on broken bones
Track Name: The Three Trials
I will not trust you till you prove your strength and loyalty to me,
This be a hard crew, but there's space below if you pass these trials three
This aint a game boy! I swear to God, you’ll chuck your guts with blood

The first concerns your facial hair, To shave is sacrilege
Maintain your mighty chin imperial,
It’ll keep you warm in icy winds

I’ll show you the face of spite
If you show me your hell invite
Guts, Brains, Maturity
Will see you through these trials three
Let the trials begin
Mark this your final warning
Let the trials begin

The second will be fun
If you like your slutbags old
McGuyver there’s a dockside whore
Despite the fact she’s bald.
Just prize that last remaining tooth out of her rotten maw
Best do it while she’s sleeping
Get your moneys worth of whore

The third will be your death
To gamble on the dice you ante your final living breath
The demon’s dice will be the tools with which we’ll see it done
To lose the dice you loose your life so think about it son

...roll, Roll, ROLL THE DICE!

I will not trust you till you prove your strength and loyalty to me,
This be a hard crew, but there’s space below if you pass these trials three
And did he pass the test? Hell No, the bastard lost.
He made his beard of shaven hair from the hind legs of a dog
Track Name: Free The Slaves
Within the forests of Jamaica, a band of vengeful escaped slaves
Will lead their brethren forth to freedom, across their master’s open graves
The festival will find them drunken, with no escape from naked blades
The realisation on the faces, empowers those that they’d enslaved

I can feel it, this rage inside me just won’t die
You stand before me, your ignorance will feed your lies
You truly think, that your own existence exceeds mine
Then I will take your life! Let God decide

The Shackle Trade that rules the waves will be destroyed
Let’s free the slaves (The chanis will fall)
The Slaver ships, they will be stripped
Of lives that don’t belong to mortal men
Free the slaves

What we had. What we lost. What we felt, what’s the cost
We are men, does that surprise you? Do your morals fail to guide you
Would you say that the price that you paid was worth the trip into hell someday
And now I do look in your sin-ridden eyes and the steel in my hand will ensure your demise
There’s no repent. There’s no reprise. You’ll pay with blood, you’ll pay with lives
No-one can undo the damage you’ve done, but an eye for an eye and a head for this gun

The ships are in the dock, secure them and make sure they’re ready
Slavers left to rot, freedom’s here!
The ocean is our world, hoist the flag and fly the colours
Watch history unfurl. Free the slaves

I can feel it, This lust for freedom just wont die
You stand before me, my tortured soul deaf to your cries
You truly think, from righteous justice you can’t hide
Then I will take your life! Let God decide

Track Name: Drink'till'Dawn
A challenge by the sword is a challenge of your honour
And a challenge by the pistol is a challenge to the death
But the task we set before you throws a gauntlet to your gullet
Serves a summons to your stomach, imposition to your head
Test your metal with the masters throw the tankard down your maw
When you're drinking with the pirates better open up your jaw
We Go Drinking Until Dawn

The fire it has started, my belly is burning
And the acid of the lemon, guts wrenching and churning
Add the mix of the cinnamon, some water for water and rum. The Rum!

The sun it has set, these hours are for slamming
No talking or balking, just man caterwauling
As they shout to the wench, that she causes unrest
In the crotches of all with her magnificent breasts
Drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking
No stopping, just glasses and chinking and chinking
The dawn never comes till this bar is drank dry
Many have failed, and most have died to try

When you drink until dawn
What will you do when the drinks passed to you
Will you crawl? Will you fall? Will your head hit the floor
When We Drink Until Dawn

Shot after shot, there's no elegant way,
To blow chunks over Sally, who’s a well travelled scally
She’ll ask you for payment for the loss of her trade
But a whore dressed in chunks is a whore in her place
Down a five Pinter and swallow a yard
Not of ale, but of slops. “Its not nice”. Drink it down
You're closer to breaking than the dawn is to you
So stop convulsing and shaking, ‘cos I know you’re a faking
He died, but he tried, his fits were not a lie
The tankards are stacking and my vision doth shake
The drink will take your life what will you stake

When we drink until the dawn, across the shadows of the night
Driving forwards, ever onwards till the break of morning light
When we drink until the dawn, raise your glasses up on high
To your brothers, to your crewmates
for tomorrow we may die

Nothing is left, not even the spitter
That was drank by the tramp who also drank from the shitter
The floor’s an inch deep in vomit and piss
‘cos when three sheets to the wind then the pisser you miss
So set forth from the tavern start the drinking again
Yes this drunken nightmare never ends!